The most effective moments in the theatre are those that appeal to basic and commonplace emotions, i.e. love of woman, love of home, love of country, love of right, anger, jealousy, revenge, ambition, lust, and treachery. — Clayton Hamilton, Theory of the Theatre

We are proud to be Cleveland’s premier acting school!

Agency Testimonial:

The Houde of School of Acting is the first place I recommend to actors in the Cleveland area. Jessica Houde’s extensive knowledge and background, combined with her true passion for teaching and the development of her students, make it a great place to study acting.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned actor looking to sharpen your craft, this school provides the encouragement and insight you need to grow and develop as an actor.

-Stephen Black, President of THE TALENT GROUP

Student Testimonial #1:

The Houde School of Acting has become a second home for me. Jessica has done so much for me I can not thank her enough. Not only has her teaching given me the tools I need to become a great actress, but also to become a success in any field I pursue. This class has helped me find myself. I have gained so much confidence and friends. I have learned to take risks and make strong choices, not only in my acting, but also in my life. Anyone thinking of joining this class, be warned it is life changing! In summary, I love this class, the people in it, and, most importantly, my awesome acting coach, Jessica.

-Sarah M. Yonkof, adult student

Student Testimonial #2:

What Jessica is offering to “the actor” in Cleveland, is simply gold, but doesn’t cost near as much. I have recently made the move to NY, and the mirror image of what you get out here Jessica gives you in Cleveland for a third of the cost. I recently audited the “Ted Bardy Studio” (Meisner based) here in NY and was allowed to participate in “repetition”. The feed back I received from the instructor confirmed Jessica’s prestige. I was told, “you are right on, yup, yup, you are the best student I have ever seen here coming from another school, you had a GREAT teacher.”

-Channing Jackson, adult student

Student Testimonial #3:

I walked into class on a rainy August day foolishly expecting to learn everything in those 2 free hours. As the class began Jessica asked if anyone had auditions or announcements as she often does; most the class raised their hands. Suddenly, my ears perked up and I thought ‘Hey there’s something here’. After nine months of class, I’m still in wonder at all that I’ve learned. Before I became a pupil at the Houde School of Acting I can honestly say I didn’t know what good acting looked like. The privilege of attending the Houde School has made me acutely aware of the thing you need to know to succeed in any area of your life: yourself.

-Giorgiana Lascu, teen student